What is a Medium?

What is a Medium?

Your first experience with Mediumship might be from a hit show on TV. Maybe you heard from a friend-of-a-friend, or an aunts neighbor who knows a lady. Maybe you know a card reader who correctly predicted someone’s future. Well I am hear to tell you that we are not created equal. Mediums, we do have one thing in common. We have this fascinating gift that brings people closer to their loved ones in spirit.

A personal journey.

For me it started when I was young and curious about an after-life. Friends and I would play with the Ouija board for hours and hours. The lights would flicker and candles would burn out, and we would scream of delight and freight. Then we would put it away and go to sleep or plan our next sleepover. But for me, I could still hear or see things my friends couldn’t and that no one could explain to me. They would brush it off and I would move on too, thinking it was just my imagination as they would often exclaim.

As I grew older, my thoughts started to evolve. I could feel a presence, or would predict something was about to happen.  I predicted who would win a game or even correctly guess who was calling the house. During my Massage Therapy training I met someone who was involved in Reiki energy practices. I became enchanted by energy work and was eager to start learning more. The more I learned the stronger my predictions became. During Reiki sessions with my clients I started to see shadows and spirits sitting next to a client. For some reason I just knew who they were and would often say something to the client. Such as, “Who is the older male that has passed on with the big belly and dark hair?” They would look at me in astonishment that I knew who their uncle Rick was and what he had to say.

Learning the ropes

In the summer of 2017 I was guided to attend a spiritual class or find a mentor. I stumbled upon a workshop on Basic Mediumship.  It was a 2 day intensive class where we practiced reading for each other. For me I knew that this was more than just my intuition, I could communicate with spirit! I could hear them, smell them, feel how they passed, and just get a sense of their presence. I started to learn the in’s and out’s of Mediumship and how to do it ethically, with purpose and intention. In energy work, it’s all about your intention set by the practitioner or the healer. How can I help this client feel better? How can I ease their pain? Mediumship is no different. I ask the spirit what message they have, and often enough it is what the client wanted or needed to hear.

Where the fun begins.

I have learned that Spirit will lower their frequency of energy down to our level and a Medium will raise theirs up so they act as the medium ground (hence the name Medium) My instructor described it as a radio frequency. Taping into the right station to get a connection. It is as if I am playing charades with spirit. Certain symbols will always have the same meaning to me. Such as a death by accident or illness. Over the past year or so of practicing, I have learned some specific charades that spirit will use for me so I can better understand what they are trying to communicate. I have adapted to not have too many expectations on who will come forward for a sitter (client) or what spirit will say. Spirits often have the same mannerisms as they did in this physical world and clients are surprised at how I can describe what they look like or even how they are standing there. I often ask spirit to tell me something only they would know or some small detail they may have forgotten. I encourage clients to record the session as you may not recall what I am saying in the moment, but listening to the reading later will jog their memory or a relative can possibly give you more insight to something you may know nothing about.

I call myself a Novice Medium (or practicing) as my experience is limited and my gift is just starting to evolve and take shape.  I remind clients that I may not get everything right and I might mess up a name or too (it will often have a similar sound to what I am saying) but that I strive for it to be a healing session and they might get answers or the closure they are looking for. Our guides and loved ones are always there for us.

Ask them for guidance. Ask them to help raise your vibration. Ask them for healing.

Blessings, Shelley